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21.01.2021 10:39 am
Animal Behavioural Consultant

A Pawsome Animal Behavioural Consultant

Lily Klopsch has extensive experience with an array of behavioural issues ranging in severity from basic puppy training to separation related distress to aggression.

Her particular area of interest is the human-animal bond, and how to leverage our pets' natural motivations to fit constructively and comfortably into family life. With a background in childhood education, she places a premium on effective communication and sees it as her job to train you to effectively train your dog.

Biscuit, a basset/ beagle, went through a phase when she was 2 years old of panicking and running home to her safe house. The family had to come early from holiday because she went missing. Lily was brilliant helping me with Biscuit and now she looks up to see where I am when we go for walks and stays close. Biscuit is my co-founder at Pets Lets, so I can 'hand on heart' say how good Lily is.

17.07.2020 10:46 am
Country Dog House Hotel

The Country Dog Hotel is a 'home from home' Luxury Dog Hotel and Boarding near Taunton. When dog owners are away, the dogs are picked up in London and other locations and taken back to Somerset where they can make new friends, run around and be thoroughly pampered. They also work with wedding planners to look after the dog(s) on site at the venue during their owners big day.

29.06.2020 01:55 pm
Woofs To Kittys

Woofs to Kittys off Clapham Common offers a bespoke dog & cat grooming service with an amazing range of bones and chews which are good for your dogs health. Our aim is to help owners give their dogs the best life, through good information and healthy, natural and well designed products, foods and chews.

28.06.2020 03:23 pm
New Moon Cat Rescue

Our purpose is to rescue stray, feral and colony cats. All cats/kittens are microchip checked and when possible returned to owners, when not, they are rehomed after a vet check, microchip and neutering.

26.06.2020 02:35 pm
Pets Connections

Pets Connections is a dog walking company that offer 7 days a week dog walking, doggy day-care and boarding services in Clapham and surrounding areas. Hannah just adores animals; they make each other happy and that what she loves the most about looking after them is making sure they got the best time possible with her when they are not with you. What you see is what you get, so you and your pet know that it will be Hannah and no one else turning up each time we are booked together.

07.06.2020 12:41 pm
Support for first-time dog owners

Our Family Dog is a new website, which provides advice and support to first-time dog owners.

20.05.2020 06:54 am
London Dog Week

Featuring a fun-packed, dog-centric, sassy schedule, London Dog Week isn’t an event to miss, with anything from fashion exclusives to office dog experiences, shopping, competitions and celebrations of wellness included throughout the week. Whether you’re a dog-owner or a dog fan, there’s something for everyone to love. London Dog Week is about connecting the Capital through our dogs.