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Viewing Service

Viewing Service

Pets Lets offers a unique London pet friendly property viewing service. We will view up to 4 properties on your behalf and give you professional feedback.

We have been advising clients on London property for over 25 years. This simple service saves you time, money and stress for you and your pets.

We address the issues that many pet owners have when looking for a London home:

  • You have little time to view and would like impartial professional property advice.
  • Wasted too much time viewing properties. The photography looked great and just ended up being disappointed.
  • Have been regularly let down by an agent or landlord.
  • Missed out on properties.
  • Misinformed about properties being pet friendly.

The Pets Lets Viewing Service follows a few simple steps:

Make sure the property will accept your pet(s) before requesting a viewing, particularly if you have more than one pet.

  1. Email the property links of the properties you are interested in as well as your pet(s) details and any questions in the contact form below. We will then double check the properties will consider your pets and send you an email confirming.
  2. We charge £50 for a one-off viewing, £90 for 2 viewings, £130 for 3 viewings. A block of up to 4 viewings is £170. A percentage of the fee is donated to one of our 3 pet charities on the payments page.
  3. If you are happy to proceed, please click on the Book Now button above and give your surname as a reference.
  4. You will receive an email confirming receipt of payment.
  5. The next step is to report back to you within 24 hours after viewing(s) on a zoom call, over the phone or via email. Your choice.
  6. If you would like Pets Lets to negotiate the rental price on your behalf and oversee the rental contract, we do offer an additional service to be discussed.

Anything over 4 viewings you might want to consider our bespoke relocation service. If you switch, we will deduct your viewing fees from the final relocation invoice.

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