UK pet friendly properties

The Pets Lets Story


In the UK there are more cats and dogs than children. Only 10% of London Landlords are pet-friendly and yet there are 9m dogs alone in the UK.

Over the next 10 years, only 25% of people under 40 years old will be able to buy their own property. There is a direct link of dog ownership with renting. Space is an issue and so is lack of pet-friendly accommodation. This has led to a decline in large dog ownership, with more people opting for smaller dogs, cats and small mammals such as guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits

Our Mission

Pets Lets aims to become the leading pet-friendly property portal in London & The Home Counties covering Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Cambridgeshire. We are so passionate about it, we set up a Pets & Property Tips Facebook Group to help pet owners across the UK.

We will also connect you to the growing pet’s network of social events in the capital, as well as introduce you to trusted pet-friendly third parties with discounted offers through Pets Lets.

We would ask Landlords to consider pets. It is a myth that all dogs chew the furniture and make a noise in the middle of the night. Most pet owners are responsible, and their pets are well trained.

We don’t want people in London ‘looking over their shoulder’ in fear that their Landlord may come by and hear the dog barking. Pets make people happy; they are part of the family and to many they are like children. People want to come home and be met by a friendly face.

Landlords and freeholders cannot continue to disregard tenants with pets.

We all love pets. That is why the first 2,500 subscribers will be for free. After that there will be a small annual charge to access the property details, free pets & property advice, discounts and pet related offers. Part of that will go to designated pet charities and you can choose which one. We will regularly update you as to how much we have raised and a story about how it has benefited those organisations.

Founded by a Londoner, who inherited 3 dogs because Landlords said no.

The UK dog population is forecast to be 50% within 5 years.

London has become an increasingly pet-friendly destination over the years. Cafes and shops as well as department stores are opening their doors to our four-legged friends. However, with restrictions of leaseholds, managing agents and the 5-week deposit cap legislation introduced in 2019, some Landlords are increasing rents for people renting with dogs and cats. We want to increase the number of pet-friendly rentals in London. Pets Lets is all about a community spirit and making sure people can rent with pets plus enjoy London sightseeing with their four-legged friends.


Russell & Biscuit


As a Londoner, Russell inherited 3 dogs because Landlords said no to pets. With over 20 years’ experience as a London property search agent looking after clients, he witnessed first-hand how difficult it is to find pet-friendly properties in London. His beagle/basset, Biscuit, is part of the family.

He wants to help London property owners understand that tenants with dogs and cats stay longer and are more responsible. Having a pet in London generally makes for a happy household.

Maria Swain

Maria Swain

IT Project Manager

When Maria moved from Moscow to London 2 years ago, she had to leave her dog Federico Fellini (giant schnauzer) with her family in Russia. This is one of the reasons the idea of creating a platform where you can not only find pet-friendly properties but also use a relocation service, have viewings arranged and get help with pet-related documentation really resonated with her.


Charles Newton

Property Director

Charles loves pets and has two cats called Sky and Sneaker. He has been working in London property for over 30 years. He understands the changing property legislation and has personally witnessed the problems tenants have letting with pets.


Charles & Teddy

Business Analyst

After 30 years of management consulting to global firms, Charles gave up his City job and moved to the South Coast. He now specialises in helping entrepreneurial businesses and for the first time has a lifestyle that allows him to own a dog. He already had two tortoiseshell cats Bumble and Bee and they are now joined by an energetic golden retriever puppy Teddy.


Filipp Sheiman

Web Architect

Over the past 3 years, Filipp has moved twice with two cats, Bonya and Kisa, first from Russia to Frankfurt, and then from Frankfurt to Hamburg. Unfortunately, Pets Lets doesn’t operate in Germany yet, so Filipp had quite a hard time organising pet passports and moving with the cats. With Filipp's participation as lead developer of the platform, we soon plan to go beyond London and the UK and help animal owners in Europe and around the world.