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07.11.2023 09:11 am
Who Does the Estate Agent Represent in the UK?

You walk into your local estate agency and are greeted by a smiling face. Sales or lettings the agent asks. You are then politely directed to the right person to help you.

The standard process is that they take your details and property requirements.

What people forget is that the estate agent in the UK represents the landlord or seller. I know. I was one many years ago.

06.11.2023 10:12 am
Understanding the Gap: Why People Without Pets May Struggle to Understand Pet Owners

Living in a society rich in diversity, we often come across a silent divide - the one between pet owners and those without pets. Understanding why this gap exists can lead to a more harmonious coexistence. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the misunderstanding and how to bridge the divide.

As a pet owner you get it. They are a part of the family. You are welcomed at the door and there is complete devotion. Your dog or cat likes to ‘snuggle’ up to you. They bring joy to your lives.

Parents understand that feeling as it is a similar ‘bond’ with children. That is why some people refer to their pets as their ‘children’.

However, people without pets and/or children, just don’t understand it. This article looks into the reasons behind this.

05.11.2023 11:43 am
How to Talk to UK Estate Agents: A Renter's Guide

I have been an estate agent as well as a property search agent for over 25 years before setting up Pets Lets. I know how it all works. I currently look after clients looking to relocate to London with their pets.

People get frustrated with UK estate agents. Many don’t call you back or ignore your emails. You have to remember, that many agents work on a commission basis, so it is all about getting the ‘deal done’ asap.

They have lots of potential tenants looking with or without pets. Which of them are going to be the most ‘attractive’ to that specific landlord. Many offices work on independent commission, so it is ‘dog eat dog’, (excuse the pun) in the agency. A ‘winner takes all’ environment.

This blog offers a few tips on how to stand out amongst the ‘crowd’ and not be forgotten. Be the first in through the door.

03.11.2023 09:38 am
Making Your UK Rental Property Pet-Friendly

Transforming your rental property into a welcoming space for pets can not only attract a wider pool of tenants but also people with pets stay longer. That is good news for landlords who welcome pets.

Finding a pet friendly rental in the UK is hard enough. So, when you move in with your furry-friends, you want to stay and really make it feel like a home. Moving is stressful for enough. Imagine what it is like for your dog or cat, having to get used to new surroundings.

It really takes very little to make your rental property pet friendly. Over 50% of the UK own a pet. You can’t ignore such a big percentage of tenants. Property markets change and with the rise of Build To Rents (BTR’s), private landlords need to adapt. Here's how you can make your property pet-friendly while keeping it stylish and secure.

01.11.2023 09:33 am
Pets and Children: Mirrored Lives in the UK

In the UK, the lives of pets and children are intertwined. In many households, pets aren't merely animals; they're family members who mirror the lives of children in various aspects.

How many times do you want to sit on the sofa only to find your dog or cat has taken your place. You can even have specially prepared meals delivered to your door for your dog or cat depending on their dietary requirements. You take your dog to the groomers, just like you would take your child to have his or her hair cut.

I look after clients looking for pet friendly rentals in London. Number one priority. Will this landlord accept my dog(s) or cat(s)? The rest is less important. People will compromise on the living space to make sure their furry friends are by their side.