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10.03.2023 03:35 pm
South West London. A Pet friendly Oasis

Relocating to London from the US or anywhere in the world with a pet is a stressful process. At Pets Lets, we specialise in UK pets & property. We work with trusted third parties. Check out Phonenix Luxury Stays . South West London’s leading pet friendly short term rental provider. For stays over a month, no pets charge when you quote Pets Lets.

06.02.2023 07:01 pm
Speaking to an estate agent

Speaking to an estate agent is becoming as frustrating as talking to a bank or utility company. All I want to know is if the property is pet friendly before having to fill out forms and downloading an Experian report.

23.01.2023 03:06 pm
Moving house with your cat

If you are moving house soon you might be worried about the stress your cat may feel about the change. Cats are territorial animals so moving into a new environment can be difficult for them. Here are some ways to make the move easier and how to support them with the process.

04.01.2023 04:58 pm
Pets & Prejudice

Over 50% of the UK population owns a pet. Yet surprisingly only 10% of UK landlords say yes to pets. This blog offers balanced advice to landlords.

08.12.2022 10:59 am
What did Pets Lets learn from 2022?

The two co-founders Pets Lets, Russell Hunt and Biscuit (basset/ beagle), sat down and reflected on what we have learnt in 2022 about renting with pets and in general.

We both agreed that lockdown brought out the best and the worst. The number of people in the UK adopting pets soared. Many dogs and cats and other pets found loving homes. However, when life returned to more normal pre-pandemic levels, many people found it too stressful to have a pet and we have sadly seen...