UK pet friendly properties

Prep with Pets: Ensuring a Smooth Transition When Relocating to the UK with Your Furry Friends

30.10.2023 01:46 pm

Landlords are often hesitant to open their doors to pets, typically looking for reasons to decline such requests. The competition is fierce, with potential tenants offering higher rents, ready to move in sooner, or not requesting any property modifications. So, how do you make your application stand out? How do you persuade a landlord to warmly welcome your pet?

How to Swing the Odds in Your Favour:

  • Affordability and Responsibility Demonstrating your financial stability and responsibility is paramount. Securing a reference from your previous landlord that vouches for timely rent payments and confirms that your pet didn’t cause any property damage can significantly enhance your standing.

Creating a Pet CV

A Pet CV, can be a persuasive tool. Providing a glimpse into your pet’s life and personality can make it challenging for landlords to say no. A well-crafted CV that showcases your pet's charming attributes and loving nature can help sway a landlord’s decision.

Overcoming Common Landlord Concerns:

Property Damage

  • Challenge: Pets can inadvertently cause property damage, like scratched floors or chewed furnishings.

  • Solution: Opt for unfurnished properties or offer to use protective measures such as rugs to safeguard the property.

Noise and Nuisance

  • Challenge: Pets, notably dogs, can sometimes be noisy, leading to neighbour complaints.
  • Solution: Assure the landlord that you have arrangements in place to manage your pet’s noise, such as having someone at home during the day.


  • Challenge: Residual allergens from pets can be an issue for future tenants.

  • Solution: Commit to performing a deep clean of the property upon lease termination.

Insurance Limitations

  • Challenge: Some insurance policies charge higher premiums for pet residences.
  • Solution: Proactively offer to cover additional insurance costs to cover the entirety of your tenancy.
  • Challenge: In some cases, lease agreements otherwise known as the head lease rules explicitly prohibit pets, leaving the landlord with no discretion on the matter.

  • Solution: The proposed renting with pets reform bill does not cover freeholders either. This leaves a huge percentage of landlords who can still say no to pets and overrule private landlords who are pet friendly.


Pets bring immense joy, companionship, and a plethora of mental and emotional benefits. They’re not just pets; they’re family. By understanding and addressing landlords’ concerns, and with a bit of preparation, securing a loving home for you and your pet in the UK becomes a distinct possibility. I know.

About the Author: Russell Hunt, the founder of Pets Lets, has over 25 years of experience in the London property market. With a wealth of knowledge and a heart that beats for pets, Russell, alongside his basset/beagle Biscuit, has devoted his expertise to make the relocation journey seamless for pet owners. At Pets Lets, we see pets as our four-legged children, deserving every bit of care and consideration during the relocation process.