UK pet friendly properties

Top 10 Pet-Friendly Property Tips

28.05.2020 07:26 am
  • Don’t think of having a pet as a disadvantage when looking to move. Nearly half the UK population has a pet. With increasing demand for London pet-friendly properties, Landlords will miss out unless they consider people with pets.

  • Some pet-friendly Landlords are restricted by leases with ‘No Pets’ clauses. We know the London property market well and assist our pet-friendly relocation clients accordingly.

Don’t settle for any property because it allows pets.

  • Rather than look everywhere, focus on where you prefer to be and make sure it fits in with your budget. Get to know the local estate agents.

Estate Agents have short term memories.

  • They look after so many people. You can easily be forgotten. If you are looking in too many areas, you cannot build relationships with local agents. Call weekly or go to their offices. Be ‘top of the list’ to call, when a pet-friendly property is about to come on the market.
  • This will include information about your pet as well as a reference from a professional such as your current or past Landlord. Vet details should also be included with information about past vaccinations and flea and worming treatments. Please click on xxx to see an example Pet CV. If you can, introduce your pet to the Landlord. It shows you are a responsible owner and you never know those ‘cute eyes’ may well win the Landlord over.

The deposit capping legislation introduced in 2019 has made it harder to rent with a pet.

  • Deposits are capped to 5 weeks rent. Landlords are worried that pets cause damage and they cannot recuperate those costs. Simple tips; Offer more than a months’ rent in advance. A tenancy for longer than 12 months is also more appealing, and you can add a break clause.

A goodwill gesture, to deep clean the property at the end of the tenancy goes a long way.

  • It really depends on the individual Landlord and how he or she reacts. Some Landlords see pets solely as extra income and will raise the rent.

  • Too many people live in London with pets in non-pet-friendly rentals. They are forever making sure the Landlord does not find out. There is no need for that. Make sure you are honest from the beginning and mention that you are thinking of having a pet in the near future. See how they react. If positive, make sure you have a pet clause inserted into your contract. If not, move on to another property.

When you do find the ideal pet-friendly London rental, move quickly and don’t dither.

  • If you want it, try and ‘close the door’ on the competition. Landlords and agents like decisive tenants.

  • Before you accept a property, make sure it is safe for your pet. If not, add it to the special conditions that need to be fixed before you sign.

  • If you are renting with a dog, make sure you are close to a common, park or pet-friendly communal garden.

  • Make sure everything is in writing. That includes a pet clause, inventory so there are no ‘wear and tear’ disputes.

  • Get pets & property insurance if you would like extra peace of mind.

Click on our Pets and Property Insurance Page Pets Lets for more information.

One extra tip. Remember the agent represents the Landlord and not you as the tenant.

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