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15.02.2024 04:52 pm
Finding pet-friendly housing in the UK

Finding pet-friendly housing in the United Kingdom can be a daunting task, but fear not, because we're here to help! As a pet owner, you know how important it is to find a home that welcomes your furry friend with open arms.

From spacious gardens to pet-friendly landlords, we'll guide you through the process of securing a place where both you and your beloved pet can feel right at home. Whether you're searching for a cozy apartment in the heart of London or a charming cottage in the countryside, we've got you covered. So grab a cuppa, sit back, and let us show you how to navigate the world of pet-friendly housing in the UK.

16.11.2021 06:29 pm
Five Reasons Why Dog Friendly Pubs Make Pawsome Holiday Breaks

They are simply not on people ‘holiday radars’, whether you have a dog or not. As a dog owner you think about eating and drinking in a pub that will allow your ‘four-legged’ friend. You don’t think of a pub offering dog friendly rooms to stay!

You go away on a break with your dog to relax, get some exercise on walks, take in the scenery and enjoy some fine cuisine. A dog friendly pub with rooms is a bonus.

19.10.2021 05:31 am
Dog Friendly Pubs With Rooms Near Beaches

Our Three of a Kind series takes a look at a trio of pub stays with one common feature and provides unique inspiration for a trip away. This week, our focus is on three dog friendly pubs near beaches, ideal for a coastal break with your four-legged friend.

With September winding down, many dog owners will be rejoicing at the end of the notorious May-September beach ban, allowing them to enjoy unrestricted coastal walks with their furry friend. While the weather may be slightly chillier during the off-season, there's still plenty of opportunities to fit in an escape to the coast and enjoy the magnificent views the British seaside provides and this time, there's no need to leave your pets behind!

In honour of this, we've selected three of our favourite dog friendly pubs near beaches so you can truly make the most of a coastal holiday. We've even gone one step beyond and plucked out three fabulous beaches with NO restrictions on dogs at all, meaning your loyal friend can enjoy the sea, sand and sun all year round!

29.09.2021 08:33 pm
Top tips for moving abroad with pets

So you got a lockdown pet and now want to move abroad! No worries, the processes are simple and may be cheaper than you think, says Christopher Nye from Property Guides. And they’re certainly cheaper than the emotional cost of leaving your beloved pets behind…

At Property Guides we often hear from readers that they can’t wait to buy a property and move abroad, but they’ve got a certain furry family member they cannot bear to leave behind. With the surge in “lockdown pets” that’s unlikely to change soon.

08.12.2020 04:03 pm
Tailwings Pet Travel Specialists

Tailwings, Pet Travel Specialists

Because we love pets, we care about yours!

Tailwings offers over 30 years of experience in the airfreight industry to provide an unequalled and dedicated service to pet shippers, airlines and the public based on trust, care and reliability.

04.08.2020 02:36 pm
Pet Moves

Want to fly with your pet in the cabin by your side to London and avoid cargo?

At Pet Moves we offer a great solution. Our clients fly to Paris, Charles De Gaulle Airport instead with their pets by their side in the cabin. A lot of airlines to London insist your pet is placed in cargo.

We will then chauffeur you with your pet direct to London or the South East of England via Eurotunnel. It means your pet is with you the whole journey for peace of mind.

16.06.2020 01:54 pm
Flying Your Pet To London

For our relocation clients and people travelling with pets, we recommend Airpets as one of our few trusted travel partners. Pets Lets is also a member of the Pet Alliance Network

21.05.2020 11:16 am
JCS Livestock

JCS Livestock specialize in pet shipping around the world. They understand that your furry friends are members of the family, and their comfortable relocation is the priority.

20.05.2020 07:06 am

First Class Pet Travel for over 50 Years. We specialise in transporting pets across the UK and internationally. Ever since our inception in 1966 we have focused on developing a First-Class travel experience for your pet.